Do you know the voice of your business?

Have you started a business, doing what you love and believing that people need what you do?

And have you found it REALLY difficult to tell people what you do and why they should work with you?

Then you need to discover the voice of your business.  Your voice that shouts to potential clients exactly what you do and why.

Stop telling people what you think they want to hear, and discover your voice and tell them exactly what you do.  

This will attract your ideal client and help you grow your business.

What you get when you join Discover your Voice

Easy to watch Video Courses

All my video courses are less than 15mins per video, easy to follow and easy to put into practice. Great if you are starting out.

For Zebracorn membership

As well as the amazing content you get, you also have free access to all events as part of your membership payment.

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen

Live Events & workshops

I organise events both online and live offline through the year. For members and anyone wanting to become a better speaker.

For Zebracorn membership

All members in the Awesomer Zebracorn group get 1:1 coaching from me as and when it is required.

Not a yet?

A great investment

I know how difficult it is to find the money to invest in yourself. My prices are there for all price ranges and with easy payment plans.

I have just finished creating my elevator pitch with Bev and it was amazing. Bev helped me to structure it and then also looked into the right type of language to use. The pitch is now completely different to what I had previously been saying - it's a lot more honest and passionate for a start. I can't wait to now use it. Thanks so much Bev

There’s no better time than the present!

No matter what your goal is, I will help you make it happen.

Why Speak?

I know it is scary and I know you would rather jump off a tall building without a parachute than stand up and speak in front of a group of people.

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