This programme is for all you lovely ladies who run your own company, BUT hate the idea of getting up and speaking in public.  

Learn how to turn you fear into fearless speaking, your nerves into natural conversation and become the power behind your business.

A 6 week intensive course

Every week will start with a personal 1:1 coaching call and access to group coaching calls, video help and anything else you need.


In week one we concentrate on the message you are giving. We have a 1:1 coaching session looking at what you do and then there are online group sessions to really get to grips with putting your message together.


Week 2 we look at the audience you need to be talking to. The right people who will get your message and want to work with you. Again we start with a personal coaching call and then group sessions.


We begin to structure you talk in week 3. Looking at how you can structure things so that you lose your nerves, you can be more flexible and speak to time.


By week 4 we will begin to change the way you think about speaking in public. Changing your mindset is the most important part of getting you to speak in public with confidence and clarity.


You will have lots of chances to practice and gain experience of speaking in public which will allow those nerves and fears to run away in the face of your confidence.


Every time you speak in public, you need to know what result you are after. Week 6 takes us into understand what result we want and how we know we have got it.

Buy the course today for only £197.00 and begin your journey.  

Remember, if you become a member, you get the course for free.

Don’t let the fear of speaking in public stop you growing your business this year.  Take hold of the fear and throw it away.  Speak about your business with confidence and clarity and watch your business grow through the power of your voice.